Teeth Whitening

The FASTEST, SAFEST way to a brighter, whiter smile.

The finest materials, the best techniques, the lowest prices.

Teeth Whitening

  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING is the fastest growing area of medical cosmetic enhancement.
  • Millions of people everywhere are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth. The mouth is the focal point of the face and word has now spread about fantastic improvements in tooth whiteness achievable by professional teeth whitening.
  • Teeth WhiteningFULLY QUALIFIED, experienced Dentists are now available in the salon to whiten your teeth using POWER TOOTH WHITENING which utilises blue light to produce IMMEDIATE RESULTS.
  • The FINEST MATERIALS and BEST TECHNIQUES are now AVAILABLE HERE at a FRACTION of THE AVERAGE dental surgery COSTS. We are highly ethical and committed to bringing this procedure within the reach of everyone.
  • With our TEETH WHITENING you can choose how light/white your teeth go, but if you wish we can make DRAMATIC differences to tooth available to the public. This is because our materials work INTERNALLY within the tooth.
  • Every wondered why FILM STARS/MODELS/POPSTARS/MEDIA PERSONALITIES seem to have much whiter teeth than the rest of us? The answer is not nature’s gift but because they HAVE HAD THEIR TEETH PROFESSIONALLY WHITENED.
  • We use exactly the same materials and procedure as used on the stars but whereas previously the cost of this (£550-£1000+) has made this affordable only to the wealthy, we are committed to making the same PROFESSIONAL POWER TEETH WHITENING ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE interested in maintaining and improving their appearance.
  • We aim to provide the best treatment available for the LOWEST PRICE. Your treatment will be carried out in a RELAXED and FAMILIAR SETTING by a FULLY QUALIFIED DENTIST who will be EXPERIENCED in TOP COSMETIC DENTAL PRACTICES using the FINEST TECHNIQUE AND MATERIALS AVAILABLE. WHY PAY £550-£800+ in a standard High Street practice or £800-£1000+ in a cosmetic dental practice for exactly the same procedure, materials and care. OUR PRICE OF ONLY £289 IS FIXED and contains NO HIDDEN EXTRAS such as consultation fees etc.
  • Teeth WhiteningWe have whitened the teeth of hundreds of patients. We treat people of ALL AGES, both FEMALE AND MALE. We are HIGHLY EXPERIENCED.

Maybe you are a YOUNG PERSON who doesn’t feel your teeth are particularly dark but you just want to boost and freshen your white smile to look MORE GLAMOROUS and get THE MODEL OR FILM STAR LOOK. Our PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING IS THE ANSWER!

Research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has shown that 63% of people notice your teeth before anything else.

Great results TIME AFTER TIME

Teeth whitening – THE PROCEDURE

Teeth Whitening

  • The appointment lasts approximately 1½ hours.
  • Materials are applied to protect the gums/lips.
  • Blue light is then utilised together with the finest materials on the market to power whiten the teeth. The procedure is painless and results are immediate.
  • The cost even includes a kit to top things up periodically in the future, utilising materials which can only be prescribed by dentists and are highly effective and safe. The usual cost of this kit alone is £350 in the average dental surgery.
  • Therefore by using us YOU PAY ONLY £289 (no hidden extras or consultation fees etc) for POWER TOOTH WHITENING (average cost elsewhere £550-£1000+) PLUS TOP UP KIT (average cost elsewhere £350).
  • Our aim is to provide the best available power tooth whitening treatment by fully qualified ethical dentists for by far the lowest price. We really are SMILES AHEAD!
  • To book an appointment please see the receptionist in the salon or RING 01270 257847

The finest materials, the best techniques, the lowest prices

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